Love fishing but don’t have a boat of your own? Want to take your fishing adventures to the next level? A fishing charter can be an exciting time to do so. As a fishing voyage, Shallow Minded Fishing Charters will take you or your party out to some of the best fishing spots along 30A, all on one of our two top notch fishing boats. We can find those secret fishing spots where you can get the best catches and take in the stunning views. But first you need to be sure you’re prepared for the fishing charter. To that end, here are some of our tips:

Know What Your Fishing Charter Provides

Not all fishing charters offer everything you’ll need for the fishing trip. In some cases, you may need to bring your own fishing gear or bait, and there would be little worse than arriving at your fishing charter only to find that you don’t have the equipment you need to fish. So do your research on the company that you choose for your fishing charter. What is included in that charter? For instance, at Shallow Minded Fishing Charters, we offer: bait, all fishing gear, fishing licenses, ice (for fish), and a cleanup service when the charter is finished.

Communicate With the Captain

The advantage of taking a fishing charter is that you don’t have to worry about captaining the vessel. You already have an experienced captain on board who knows all the best fishing spots, the weather, and how the ship needs to be run. So make sure you communicate with them. Ask them any questions you might have so you can alleviate any concerns. You should also be sure to communicate with the captain the kind of fishing adventure you expect to have so they can accommodate that, rather than both of you going in blind.

Dress Prepared

It’s easy to know how to dress for a day at the beach. Check the weather forecast, pack your swimsuit, and dress accordingly. On the water, however, it might be different. Layered clothing is a good idea in case the weather changes while you’re out and you need to shed or add a layer. Shoes with rubber soles will keep you from slipping on the deck of the ship so you can keep your balance while you’re fishing. Make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen and wear a hat to protect your head.

Shallow Minded Fishing Charters is here to provide an unforgettable fishing charter experience. We have fully equipped fishing boats with experienced captains to help guide your adventure and all the fishing gear and bait you’ll need. All you need to do is prepare yourself for a bright day of fishing ahead. Interested in booking your own fishing charter? Contact Shallow Minded Fishing Charters today to get started.