Sometimes it’s hard to know where it’s customary to tip and where it’s not customary to tip. Restaurants, coffee shops, and bars are easy. When you order food out, the order often gives you a recommended tip option before you pay. But what about non-food related services? It’s a fine line because you don’t want to offend by choosing the wrong thing. Fortunately, you can always ask before setting off whether you should tip for the service or not. What about fishing charters? Here’s everything you need to know.

Should You Tip Your Fishing Charter Captain? Why?

While there’s no rule that says you must tip your fishing charter captain — you won’t be thrown off the boat if you don’t, there is certainly a social expectation when it comes to tipping just like anything else. After all, the Captain is responsible for keeping an eye on the weather, making any boat repairs and maintenance, as well as stocking all the fishing equipment you need. Everything that makes your fishing charter possible is often due to the captain’s hard work. That’s why even when you don’t catch anything, a gratuity is appreciated.

How Much Should You Tip For Fishing Charters?

The next question, of course, is how much you should tip. Like food service and hair salons, typically the standard gratuity rate is 15-20%. Of course, you can tip more for truly standout service, but 20% is a perfectly fine tipping amount regardless of the type of service. Again, there’s no set in stone amount that you must tip, but this is what tends to be customary. There’s also nothing wrong with tipping before tax. After all, tax isn’t a service that your fishing charter captain provided during your charter, just an excellent fishing trip.

What Counts as Good Service for Fishing Charters?

A tip is a way to thank your fishing captain for good service. So what counts as good service on a fishing charter? It may not always be as simple as the amount of fish you catch. Some days even with the right weather and equipment, you just won’t be able to reel anything in. But if the captain has the know-how about the weather and the best fishing spots, and guides you in a fully stocked fishing boat, that’s enough to count as good service. If the captain, by their presence and expertise, manages to make the trip even more enjoyable, that’s truly exceptional service.

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